Monday, January 30, 2012

Another typical Marisolism at Jihad Watch

Reporting on Tunisian Muslims resenting the more "hardline" "Salafists" trying to horn in on Tunisia's freshly minted revolutionary state, Marisol of Jihad Watch quotes an emblematic exchange between one of these supposedly milder, more modern Muslims and her reaction to a supposedly more retrograde Muslim:

"The grocer told me the other day, 'I don't like your jeans,'" said Leila Katech, a retired anaesthesiologist. "I told him I didn't like his beard."

And, after adding that bold emphasis, Marisol, sporting her hopefully Wildersianist spectacles, editorializes smartly:


What Marisol fails to note is the far more important agreement behind the ostensible, distracting disagreement between the retired anaesthesiologist and the extremist grocer:

They both like Muhammad.

Kind of tempers the "outstanding" part, doesn't it? Kind of puts blue jeans into their proper perspective, doesn't it?

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