Friday, January 9, 2009

The "Self-Hating Jew" -- and the Self-Hating Westerner

Israel over the past couple of decades has become increasingly identified as part of the bad white West; meanwhile, Muslims have over the past 60-odd years become increasingly fit into the PC MC paradigm that irrationally protects, defends, even supports any culture that is deemed to be non-Western, "ethnic", non-white. Israelis (and by extension all Jews) have become "honorary whites" as well as Westerners, and thus they are seen by the majority in the white West itself (paradoxically, incoherently and perversely) as at best corrupt, at worst evil "oppressors", since the PC MC view has become irrationally excessive in its self-criticism.

The "self-hating Jews" (example, Prof. Lowenstein) are not some rare birds of a minority: they are solidly ensconced in the majority view of PC MC that is dominant and mainstream throughout the West.

The problem of the "self-hating Jew" is part of a deeper, broader phenomenon throughout the West -- that of the "self-hating Westerner".

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