Friday, November 7, 2008

An obvious epiphany about "Stealth Jihad"

I just had an epiphany about the concept of "Stealth Jihad" -- though the epiphany is obvious and already implied in what I have written before on the concept (cf. my other blog Hesperado).

First, let me reiterate that in my view, "Stealth Jihad" is not an independent strategy uninvolved with violent jihad: the two are intimately and mutually co-dependent.

Now, the epiphany I had is that one of major (if not the major) mechanisms of the "stealth" in "Stealth Jihad" is, precisely, to obscure the essential, intimate and mutual co-dependence between it and violent jihad.

Robert Spencer, et al., are thus unwittingly cooperating with the Stealth Jihadists insofar as they perpetuate and reinforce the disconnect separating the two prongs (viz., stealth and violence) of the single strategy of Jihad.

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