Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Joe Lieberman and Diana West: more asymptoticists confused as holists

As I observed in a previous essay on my The Hesperado blog, "no asymptotic deed goes unpunished". In that essay, I was talking specificially about Robert Spencer and Daniel Pipes.

Now we see that Diana West, another asymptotic analyst (as she herself, in other terms, avows in her letter to the editor who announced his intention to discontinue her column in his paper), gets mistaken for a holistic analyst (she "never met a Muslim she didn't hate" is the charge by this obtusely PC MC editor of a Pennsylvania newspaper), even though she has been careful all these years to delimit the problem down from all Muslims. She is closer to the holistic epipany than some of her asymptotic colleagues (she does not flinch from identifying "Islam" as the main problem), but her scrupulous avoidance of "all Muslims" did not satisfy this newspaper editor. Ms. West might as well have been saying "all Muslims" all along.

As for Senator Joe Lieberman -- whom I would peg as considerably farther from the holistic epiphany than a Diana West (note Spencer's anecdote about the anti-holistic anxiety of the Senator's aides) -- he too has been branded as practically a holist by that very influential Democratic islamochristian, James Zogby, who as an Arab-American Christian dhimmi, heads up the Arab American Institute.

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