Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feminists: Latter-Day Belly-Dancers

"I am woman, hear me roar"...? All I hear is a deafening silence.

Indeed, Western feminists, by and large (with exceptions that prove the rule), don't care about the abuse of women when that abuse is part of the "cultural tapestry" of non-white, non-Western cultures -- but when abuse of women happens in the context of white Western societies, that is where you will find Western women assiduously busy churning out their own Leftist subculture of anti-American and by extension anti-Western (and by extension anti-white male) propaganda.

It didn't seem all that long ago when Western feminists were indulging in a kind of covert crypto-Imperialist paternalism (or, rather, maternalism) with regard to those preciously ethnic Third World peoples who forever remain children to be "saved" -- advocating aggressive ways to change what they considered regressive practices (hence Planned Parenthood sticking its nose in the business of women around the world): now when it comes to Muslims, those Poster Children of the Third World today whose culture is interwoven with such forms of hostility to women as domestic abuse; child abuse in the form of corporal punishment; female genital mutilation, honor killings; virtual pedophilia in terms of child marriage with ages of consent way below the modern norm; arranged marriages; and polygamy -- feminists are by and large curiously silent.

Or sometimes the exception that proves the rule is worse yet, as when they do express themselves on this, they will either blame the West (a tried and true formula of the Left), or they will try to bend over backwards in belly-dancer flexibility, in order to "respect" the culture of this oriental "Other", for, to withhold our "respect" is to begin to "judge", and that is a crime worse than murder for politically correct multi-culturalism.

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